Let battle commence

Forget the English Netball Team’s Commonwealth Gold, ignore Man City winning the Championship and forget the Anthony Joshua belt unification fight (unless you’re Kelly Collins of course ♫I can’t get you out of my mind ♫) For all sporting purists the only event last week was the commencement of the Bolton Sports Federation Rounder’s Season 2018.

The opening fixture brought together Rounder’s Titans and current league Champions North West Hydraulics in a David and Goliath potential banana skin battle against our own venerable Inal Warriors.  It was El Alamein, it was Agincourt, it was Waterloo; it was the energy of youth against the wisdom of experience, it was the Girl Guides against the WI and no one could have predicted who would come out on top….other than it would be one of them.



Warriors in to bat first, edging ahead at the half time mark with an impressive 96-86 cushion.  Second half with tiring limbs, beating hearts, and sweat beaded brows, youth sensing a kill slowly gained the ascendancy.  It was any one’s game when with the last ball of the innings the referee, without the benefit of VAR, called a questionable 2 and out. You could hear a pin drop as both teams awaited the outcome, “Warriors 171 (insert X Factor type pause for dramatic effect) North West Hydraulics 171″..honours even, spoils shared, or justice NOT done?…you decide.

Highlighted performances without doubt, girls next door Liz Collier and Amy with more strikes than Arthur Scargill and (my favourite) Sarah who spent more time in the field than Worzel Gummidge did with Aunt Sally. Overall player of the match Natalie a great performance and as Captain Deb said “Natalie it’s been a long time in coming”

Was there a glut of chances, a host of opportunities, a run of victories? Was there an embarrassment of riches, a catalogue of errors and even a pageant of sporting clichés?..was there ever and ever it were thus

Every given Thursday at Little Hulton Cricket Club…may the odds be forever in our favour