Why temperature matters in the extrusion process

As an aluminium extrusion exits the press, the temperature is taken to record the exit temperature of the extrusion.

The main purpose of knowing the temperature is to maintain maximum press speeds. The target exit temperature for an extrusion is dependent upon the alloy.

Extrusions are pushed out of the die to the run-out table and the puller, which guide metals down the run-out table during extrusion.

While being pulled, the extrusion is cooled by a series of fans along the entire length of the run-out and cooling table.

Only experienced extruders understand the importance and intricacies of the heating and cooling processes required in extrusion. Only companies that do this thing day in, day out have the equipment to hand to provide both a precision and volume service.

Ensure you check that your extruder of choice has the right process and equipment in place to deliver what you need.

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