What benefits do aluminium extrusions bring?

Design engineers today demand materials that are simultaneously light, strong and corrosion resistant.

They want materials to meet the structural, thermal, aesthetic and acoustic challenges of the 21st century.

Aluminium is an obvious choice for engineering designers with its unique properties, making it a natural partner for many applications.

Its use, in its extruded form, in a wide range of applications has grown over many years thanks to its strength, durability, corrosion resistance and lightness. Extruded aluminium offers the design engineer the optimum design flexibility. The component shown here allows elderly patients and nurses to operate tricky valves on oxygen cylinders.

Aluminium extrusion is the technique used to transform aluminium alloy, pushed through, what can be intricate and complex dies, into definitive, cross-sectional profiles for a wide range of applications.

Using removable strips to achieve complex shapes or challenging tolerances.

The extrusion process makes the most of aluminium’s unique combination of physical characteristics, specifically, malleability and ductility.

Its ductility allows it to be easily extruded while its malleability allows it to be pressed and formed into complex shapes even after extrusion.

Also, at one third the density and stiffness of steel the resulting products offer exceptional strength and stability making it a popular choice for many designers.

Aluminium extrusions can be found in a diverse range of applications

  • Low weight to high strength ratio – aeronautical, marine, railway stock, automotive.
  • High conductivity of heat and electricity – air conditioning, radiators, heatsinks, electronics.
  • Corrosion resistance – mining, architectural, marine, military, cables and wires.

Aluminium extrusion is often the most viable solution that meets the specific manufacturing needs of design flexibility, cost savings, and product performance.

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