Aluminium Extrusion Components

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We utilise all the benefits aluminium extrusions offer in tandem with our extensive knowledge of end user requirements. Underpin this with the latest technology and our passion for all things aluminium becomes evident.

Office Furniture

Office Furniture extrusion

A two-part extrusion forming a support strut used by the office furniture industry. Originally a sand casting, utilising extrusion improves stability, aesthetic appearance and significantly reduces tooling costs.

Medical Applications

Medical Application Extrusion

Trunking and lid section used in medical applications. The lid section clip-fits into the trunking section and is machined as required to accommodate the electrical housing.

Front Suspension

Front Suspension Extrusion

Used as a a front suspension upright, good machining qualities and high resistance to corrosion are all prerequisites for this safety critical component.


SlickSleeve Aluminium Extrusion

Used in the off shore drilling industry the SlickSleeve is a casing which fits around drilling tubes to protect the drill head. Operated in an environment which is subject to excessive structural forces - machined extrusion is a must due to it's superior structural strength.

Pumping Block

Pumping Block Extrusion

Used in industrial machinery operations.

Sports Cars

Sports Car Machined Extrusion

Rear-wing mounting plate used on sports cars with speeds in excess of 200 mph. Machining extrusion enables structural strength to be retained whilst reducing crucial weight.


Audio Cover Extrusion

Speaker casings - machined and available in any finish: - anodised, brush finish, powder coated or bright polished. Designed for function and style.

Complex Extrusion

Complex Extrusion

We import the tight tolerance extrusion from Germany and cut it to length, extensive machining in then carried out. It is then Electroless nickel plated, before being masked off and powder coated to a textured finish.

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