Aluminium Extrusion Profiles + specials

What makes us different ... We just try harder!

No matter what profile you're looking for if you can think it we can produce it, probably even stock for you! Our sole aim is to turn your ideas into reality... If in doubt give us a call we're here to help not hinder...


Automotive Aluminium Extrusion

These are typical extrusions manufactured by Inal Metals for use in the automotive sector. Note the multi hollow design which gives added strength to the sections.

Office Furniture

Extrusion for Office Furniture

From special extrusion to fully assembled part INAL can supply the lot.

Complex Heatsink

Extruded Aluminium Heatsink

Formed to perfection...


Machined Aluminium Extruded Audio Cover

Machined & finished to perfection.

Heat Diffusion

Aluminium Extruded and Machined Heat Diffusion

Never too hot to handle.


Electronic Housing Extruded and Machined

Sample extrusions for use as electronic housing usually for printed circuit boards and other electronics devices

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