Breaking news

UB Plastics is pleased to confirm an acquisition by Sherwood Group.

Sherwood Group – comprising Sherwood Stainless and Aluminium, Neville Precision Engineering and Inal 2020 – based in Wolverhampton is an ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified privately owned specialist supplier and fabricator of aluminium extrusion, stainless steel & aluminium coil, stainless steel sheets and special finish lighting products for industry.

UB Plastics inhabits over 70,000 sq ft of space in Burton, with 40 staff operating 25 product lines, 6-axis robots and in-mould labelling, creating innovative products for customers including beverage giants Diageo (Guiness), Carlsberg, Molson and ice-cream market leader Graphics Packaging.  

The company led by Andy Cox and Steven Brown design and manufacture all their products at their factory situated in Burton on Trent in Staffordshire.

“We’ve known Terry and Paul at Sherwood Group for a long time” said Andy Cox, Director UB Plastics. “In fact, Roy Caswell who was part of the UB founding team in 1983, has been close to Terry and Paul even before Sherwood Group became a trading entity in 1990.”

“We’re excited at UB Plastics. It’s the right move at the right time. Sherwood have demonstrated their market leadership in recent years and the acquisition helps us firstly secure the business and access investment for growth without losing focus on core markets”.

“We’re looking forward to working with some of the best people in the aluminium industry and see an exciting future for the combined business and our customers”, he added.

“We’re thrilled to complete this deal” said Paul Thurston, Sherwood Group co-founder. 

“In joining the Sherwood Group, UB Plastics immediately offers new products and new markets as well as huge opportunities for existing customers looking for specialist composite support and plastic injection moulding.” 

“With a rise in use and specification of industrial plastics and composites in some of our key sectors, it was the right time to make a strategic investment to bring this capability in-house. In so doing, it will provide product design and financial benefits to customers looking to pool their buying with suppliers able to provide a comprehensive offering” he added.

The only way is up

Fantastic day at Pride Park Derby on Thursday at a very select supplier day. The launch including a virtual factory tour of what will possibly be the largest single roof building in Europe was exceptional. We are proud at INAL 2020 to be one of the selected few in the supply chain a chain that will drive this sea change in how construction delivers affordable and sustainable housing.

Cod wars 2022 style

Indications that the UK/Iceland fishing disputes of the 70’s never really went away were evidenced in Iceland today when our co owner Paul Thurston on a holiday fishing trip was caught at odds with a local angler Rumours that the high cost of dining out in Iceland has led to a dispute in fishing rights between locals and visitors are at a heightened level and the adage teach a man to fish and you’ll save him a fortune dining out has never been more profound.

Ohm my god, shock, watt is going on at Inal 2020??

Circuit Braking news from Manchester as the sites first EV arrived today, driven by none other than proud custodian our commercial graduate Connor Paterson.  This acquisition is an extension of CEO Michael Horan’s company-wide commitment to embrace environmental considerations as a key part of all future decisions.  This and other similar polices will further underpin our much-vaunted successes in the aluminium green sector generally…It’s good to give back.

Great minds thinking alike

Great day at Buxton last week when the Sherwood Group Management Team met for a day/night strategy meeting outlining our plans and intentions over the next five years. Chaired by Michael Horan CEO it was a day that left people excited about the prospects going forward…now the real work begins

Key new appointment

Great to announce the appointment of Milburn Paterson as Operations Manager at Inal 2020.  Starting in September Milburn will take over all aspects of production and planning at Inal and contribute to the wider senior team within the Sherwood Group. 

Milburn will bring a wealth of experience to us, and we are all excited to welcome him.  On a personal note, I’ve worked with Milburn one way or another for over 30 years and can vouch for his unique leadership and problem-solving ability amongst many other key attributes.

The future just got brighter!

Promoting one of our own

Congratulations go out to our own Kelly Collins. Kelly has been at Inal now for over 8 years and we are delighted to say has been promoted today to Account Manager. This reflects the fantastic contribution she has made over the years, and the passion, dedication and enthusiasm she brings to everything she does. We are proud to have her as part of the team.

Breaking news Environmental Accreditation

Fantastic work over the last few months spearheaded by our own Paul Walker on Quality with great support from Helen Shotton in achieving ISO 14001 2015 environmental accreditation. This will prove significant in helping us to manage our environmental performance, improve efficiency and reduce waste for the benefit of all our stakeholders. Well done everyone involved.

Take a bow

Boom fantastic finale to the year end at Inal 2020 following on from 3 on the trot record months culminating with a record-breaking year end figure to boot.  Fantastic to work for a company where all our efforts are so appreciated. Well done everyone.

The only way is up

Increased responsibilities being given to three of our young home-grown programmers, Raf, Pete and Sarah.  They are the ones who will be driving Inal 2020 forward into the future and their readiness to take these on and the challenges that come with them speak volume for their character. We wish them every success.